World Risk

Risk Assesment

Risk Assesment Service

World Risk offers comprehensive risk assessments that analyse each operational aspect of your company to identify the key weaknesses leaving the company open to threats. The risk assessments branch out further than your company’s doors, World Risk conducts visits to all service providers linked with your operations to ensure that in terms of security risks, they are 100% compliant with the standard of security related services marketed to you.

The risk assessments are integrated with intelligent software that allows World Risk to consolidate the risk assessment data, analyse it and draft risk mitigation procedures that can be implemented across your company as well as within the services provided to your company.

Risk Consultancy

World Risk offers comprehensive risk consultancy services that assesses your company’s operational environment and equips your company against security threats. The World Risk, risk consultancy services consist of a 360-degree assessment of the potential threats and gaps for syndication on both the internal and external fronts of your company while assigning your company a dedicated risk manager that consistently analyses and ensures that your company is not open to threats. Following the assessments, World Risk offers a plethora of options to your company for the mitigation of the identified threats resulting in reduced risk levels.

The Risk Consultancy packages offered by World Risk are tailored to a variety of companies within the supply-chain/logistics industries. The packages are designed to assess your company on multiple fronts and involves the usage of state-of-the-art risk mitigation procedures to ensure that your company becomes a secure force.