World Risk

Full K9 Unit

Specialized K-9 services

Welcome to World Risk, where our specialized K-9 services redefine security standards. Our team of DH-5 Trained K-9 Dogs and Handlers stands ready to undertake a range of critical operations to ensure safety and security in various environments.

Patrolling for explosives is one of our core capabilities. With our highly trained K-9 units, we meticulously sweep areas to detect any potential threats, providing invaluable support in safeguarding against explosive hazards.

Moreover, our expertise extends to arson and fire hazard detection. Through rigorous training and state-of-the-art techniques, our K-9 teams excel in identifying incendiary materials and potential fire risks, mitigating dangers before they escalate.

In the ongoing battle against narcotics, our K-9 units play a pivotal role. With their acute sense of smell and rigorous training, they detect even the most concealed narcotics, aiding in law enforcement efforts to combat drug trafficking and abuse.

Beyond these specialized areas, our K-9 teams are also adept at general patrol duties, ensuring heightened security and vigilance in various settings. Whether it’s securing a perimeter or maintaining order in public spaces, our K-9 units are trained to excel in diverse patrol scenarios.

At World Risk, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and the invaluable contributions of our highly trained K-9 teams. With their unwavering dedication and expertise, we stand ready to address the most complex security challenges, ensuring peace of mind for our clients worldwide