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24/7/365 - Nationwide Tactical Armed Response Team

World Risk (Pty) Ltd maintains strategically positioned assets across South Africa, ready to respond to any detected anomalies or direct threats promptly. These resources comprise extensively trained, seasoned, and certified personnel capable of addressing various risks and threats in real-world scenarios. World Risk goes the extra mile by implementing ongoing quality control assessments on these teams, arranging regular training sessions, and upholding strict Key Performance Indicator (KPI) standards. This commitment ensures that we consistently deliver the level of service that our clients both require and deserve.

Helicopter - Search and Retrieval

World Risk (Pty) Ltd can provide helicopter-based solutions to guarantee that your assets remain under constant surveillance. Coupled with our enthusiastic and proficient team, this approach paves way for a consistent success rate for asset recoveries and aids in deterring criminal activities. Whether in the skies or on the ground, our state-of-the-art resources ensure comprehensive coverage, offering you peace of mind day and night.

Recovery Agents

World Risk (Pty) Ltd boasts a dependable network of resources across Sub-Saharan Africa, seamlessly integrating with our skilled and seasoned asset recovery teams. This synergy guarantees a consistent  success rate when it comes to retrieving your assets. In situations requiring recovery, the World Risk team operates tirelessly, 24/7 and year-round, until your asset is safely returned to your possession. Employing a proactive approach and swift action, our dedicated staff leaves no stone unturned until your assets are fully reclaimed under your authority.

World Risk offers an advanced integrated monitoring system that introduces all haulier tracking into the control room, where it is monitored 24/7/365. Coverage spans from the Beit-Bridge border down to Durban. Should a truck driver stray off-route or stop anywhere under suspicious circumstances, the control room actions an investigation and response to the situation. Should any suspicious activity be noted, you are informed immediately and updated regularly on the situation

Every one of World Risk’s mobile security vehicles is outfitted with all the necessary tools to function as a mobile command center. This guarantees that when our teams are in transit, they have immediate access to crucial information, enabling them to reach their destination as swiftly as possible.

The specialized control center comprises staff members with expertise in risk assessment, and it conducts ongoing risk assessments for assets during their journey. Additionally, the control room is well-equipped to provide support for your company’s daily road-related challenges. Delays on the road elevate risks as they prolong exposure to uncertain environments. Ensuring the swift and efficient transportation of your cargo from dispatch to its destination directly correlates with enhancing cargo safety.

World Risk takes pride in its state-of-the-art control center, which operates at the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency, providing round-the-clock monitoring and support solutions. Our Control Centre Operators (CCOs) undergo rigorous training to promptly detect even the slightest anomalies and take immediate action to safeguard your assets. Whether the incident is significant or minor, we ensure you are promptly informed.

Our control center is equipped with cutting-edge, award-winning technology and systems that have been rigorously tested and proven over the years. Time and again, these systems have demonstrated their superiority over industry standards when it comes to tracking, monitoring, and providing support solutions.